The city of Bogota it is considered an important center of cultural activities. Declared by UNESCO as World Book Capital in the year 2007. 

In the North we find the Park Virrey, a linear park, that focuses on low-impact recreation and environmental conservation, if you make your visit at Christmas, you should know that is one of the main places of Christmas lights .

In the Square Usaquén you can enjoy a varied gastronomy and large number of shopping malls, nearby is the Hacienda Santa Barbara Mall.

In its historic center, from the point of view of its architecture in the first half of the twentieth century, there are many large churches, in the heart, we find one of the most important, Nuestra Señora de Lourdes , recognized as a religious symbol area, as it was the first built in the Gothic style, for these reasons and more, is one of the most visited churches in the city, the interior is even more beautiful than the outside. In its surroundings, in their square, we found a show of magicians, musicians, dancers, a good way to enjoy the outdoors and open spaces .

Visit the Gold Museum, a place to admire authentic gold pieces as masks, pendants, necklaces , bracelets or containers , also has a cafe - restaurant where you can have lunch or dinner in a very special atmosphere if desired .

Chapinero Alto, is perfect if you want to see a play or a show at the Theatre Libre , visit the Museum Jorge Eliecer Gaitan House or the Market Square Paloquemao , one of the largest markets in Colombia , where you can find fresh local produce . And finally , if you need to relax , try to go to La Negra, a club where you can listen and watch music shows and Colombian dance with these rhythms and others that can be heard , in the style of Dirty Dancing : Havana nights , you can't stop dancing.

Bogota Attractions

In Bogota, besides enjoying outdoor green spaces, it's a perfect destination for business, offering history, fun, culinary, culture and more. There are activities and plans for everyone and for every taste.

The cuisine is wide and recognized as one of the best in Latin America, typical dishes such as chili sauce, tamal and their juices and desserts.

Experiences in Bogota

You can experience the contrast of a city where the history and the modernity combine. The historic center of the Candelaria is a magical place where you can find homes that received colonial life and the independence movement, balconies or wooden doors are witnesses to the passage of time and today, as a few meters from historical center is the international center with offices and modern buildings. So, Bogota has a very rich and varied cultural life. It offers all the services and amenities required by the modern life, but without losing costums of the colonial period, preserved in their traditional neightborhoods.

Experience Culinary in Bogota

The charm of its cuisine is mestizo and due to the coincidence of different ethnic factors. Ingredients indigenous and Spanish are mixed with preparation forms of African, Arab and Spanish.

It's a cosmopolitan city that offer steakhouses in typical Bogota's meals, but there are also some that offer menus from other regions of the country or around the world .