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City Apartments Viaggio Country’s Map in Bogotá

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City Apartments Viaggio Country’s Map

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Viaggio Country is strategically located north of Bogotá , on the commercial area of ​​Carrera 15, very close to several shopping centers, Barrio Country < / strong> and to the Zona T , a popular area where you can find the best restaurants and trendy bars in all of Bogotá. Our location also allows easy access to the Andino Shopping Center, El Retiro Shopping Center and Atlantis Plaza, as well as El Virrey Park, Parque de la 93, the Country Clinic, and the Reina Sofía Clinic.


  • Kairos Restaurant
  • Country Clinic
  • Cardiology Center of Bogotá
  • Comercial Zone T
  • El Virrey park
  • Andino Shopping Center
  • Atlantis Plaza Shopping Center
  • El Retiro Shopping Center
  • Park of the 93
  • Restaurante Crepes & Waffles

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