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Home & Happy 86 con 18’s Map in Bogotá

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Home & Happy 86 con 18’s Map

Map Hotel Bogotá

Located north of Bogotá, the Home and Happy 86 with 18 are the best way to discover the capital of Colombia. Our apartments are located in the Barrio Country, near Carrera 15, El Virrey Park, the Andino Shopping Center, Atlantis Plaza, El Retiro Shopping Center, the Clínica del Country y la Zona T. Near the apartments there is also the Parque de la 93, where travelers can find a wide range of restaurants, cafes, concerts, temporary exhibitions and cultural and sporting activities.


  • El Virrey park
  • Casa de la cerveza
  • Cabrera Resto-Bar
  • Atlantis Plaza Shopping Center
  • Andino Shopping Center
  • El Retiro Shopping Center
  • Park of the 93

Departure Home & Happy 86 con 18


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