Vision of our company:

Contribute to the happiness in the world

How do we achieve our vision?

  • Creating decent and secure jobs, which revolve around families, dreams and accomplishments.
  • Creating positive and memorable experiences for our guests and buyers.
  • Creating flexible and transparent process led by the best professionals in service.
  • Creating processes with low environmental impact.
  • Creating architectural and hoteliers innovative, reliable and sustainable projects
  • Creating successful business cycles for our investors and board of directors.
  • Creating spaces that contribute to the architectural heritage of our cities.
  • Creating sources of revenue for our local and national governments, which result in new services for citizens.
  • We created 24 hours a day! Contributions.

To VIAGGIO, our spaces should talk about comfort, style practical and comfortable life, without forgetting the style and also must be something of rebellion in our design! We prone environments that combine form and function. And please remember the truth, "surround ourselves with the things we love, makes us happy".

Viaggio support the child nutrition program of the organization ABC PRODEIN,donating an egg for every egg we use in our operation. This became each egg in gold for many children who do not have adequate food for advance their schooling process.