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Why visit Viaggio Puerto de Cartagena?

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Why visit Viaggio Puerto de Cartagena?

April 25 2019


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We are the best hotel in the maritime industrial area and refinery of Cartagena, the Viaggio Hotel Puerto De Cartagena is strategically located in the sector of Mamonal, within the complex TLC, industrial and business sector; Very close to the access to the bay of Cartagena, the fluvial by the channel of the Dike and the neighborhood with interconnecting roads to the north, east, west and center the country.

Viaggio port of Cartagena, is linked with the best business sectors and with greater economic growth in the country, the great infrastructure of the Port of Cartagena is admired in all its splendor, bringing together large national and international companies, making the Hotel Viaggio as an important accommodation center for the entire commercial area and the business emporium.

For those who travel with family or friends a few kilometers from Hotel Viaggio Puerto de Cartagena, we find the National Aviary of Colombia, the largest on the continent, full of colors and sounds that break the silence and the vast skies of the place, large environments natural resources that promote knowledge about Colombian diversity, its sustainable use and responsible management of natural resources that make the largest aviary in Colombia an essential place to visit, also has an extraordinary location, which allows access to important beaches coastal of the country, as they are Barú, located in a paradisiacal peninsula to 36 km of Hotel Viaggio port of Cartagena, also; Playa blanca, located north of the Santa Marta Bay, on a trip by land and sea, where the warmth of the waters of the Caribbean Sea, are increasingly attractive to tourists from all over the world, famous for their sands white and pink, turquoise water and ancient fluvial history, mangrove pipes, water mirrors and underwater gardens that make Barú and Playa Blanca unique in the Caribbean Sea.

Gastronomy is not far behind, this fusion of cultures has brought with it recipes that flirt with the palate of its visitors; making Viaggio Puerto de Cartagena a gastronomic reference point that will captivate you in the best style of the Cartagena tradition.

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