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What do we do now? 8 productivity tips

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What do we do now? 8 productivity tips

March 26 2020
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What do we do now? 8 productivity tips

Well, first, a pause is different than stopping!

Let's take this time to look at things from another perspective. To think in a new way.
The first conclusion today is the only asset we have as a company and as a society it is the present.

Uncertainty about the future always exists for humanity. Since we have some oral or written memory we know it. Only in these moments of hyperconnectivity will that uncertainty change into panic. But with or without social networks, the future will always be an enigma.

Take advantage of these moments - today - to repeat what you took for granted in your company:

Tip 1

- Am I really connecting with my clients?

Tip 2

- Is my product as good as I want?

Tip 3

- How can I reach new clients: geographical, by lifestyle, by life cycle, by uses of my product?

Tip 4

- How about finding new ways of distribution?

Tip 5

Please: eliminate processes that definitely do not add value!

Tip 6

Take advantage of this time to do an in-depth market and trend research!

Tip 7

Are there new technologies that I need to monitor more closely?

Tip 8

Will my market conditions change after this quarantine period? Or maybe the consumption habits of my clients?

Just 8 questions to keep you a little busy building the future. It's just that: let's look at reality with different eyes.

Analyze your markets and your products in a new way. In a year we will have another reality and we will continue to be protagonists! I wish you a good journey!

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