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Tips for Working at Home

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Tips for Working at Home

March 24 2020
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Tips for Working at Home

Our reality changed a few days ago and we must adapt to the new challenge that is being presented to us, for this reason we invite you to take into account these tips to stay focused and motivated while working from home.

Tip 1
Don't lose the Routine

- Get up at the same time, take a bath, get dressed and get ready in the same way as if you were going to work

- Do not work in pajamas and eat breakfast

Tip 2
Define a Job Site

- Define a workplace in your home that is comfortable and where you minimize distractions. Something important, other than the bed

Tip 3
Work the Same Hours You Do It Regularly

- Talk to your family and inform them that you will work from home, this will undoubtedly help you to respect the spaces and not to disturb.

Tip 4
Plan your activities before starting, this is important to optimize your time

- Download some APPS to help productivity, some recommended:

Google Keep
Time tune (task planner)

Tip 5
Take Active Pauses

- Program breaks within the day
- Get up from the job site, stretch, walk at home
- Take advantage of rest times to talk to your family, call your friends
- Keep in touch with your coworkers, even if you don't see them for a long time there are many ways to have a fluent relationship with them, chats, video calls, phone calls, etc.

Tip 6
Don't Eat in Front of the Computer

- Remember that it is your workspace, do a different activity after lunch.

Tip 7
Little Check Social Networks

- When we work alone or from home one of the greatest temptations is to consult social networks, do it only in moments of pause or in your free time.

Tip 8
Avoid Doing Many Tasks at the Same Time

- Try to focus on one task at a time if you want to be effective. Avoid stress

Tip 9
When you finish the Labor Day ...

- Collect the work items, (computer, notes, pencils etc.) so your mind and body will be ready to rest.

Tip 10
Take the Time to be with Family and Share with Them

- Remember, we are in isolation, not on vacation!

Today we stay home for tomorrow to travel!
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