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Platforms Work From Home

March 27 2020
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Platforms To Work From Home

Work from home ? It's easy to get distracted, hard to stay focused, and even harder to coordinate tasks with your team. Digital companies have been perfecting the design of a productive home office for years. Today we have many tools with free access or with paid options for conferences, project monitoring, chats, etc. What can be the most convenient tool?

Technology and attitude: the key

We are used to relaxing at home after a long day at the office or spending time with friends in a bar or restaurant before going home. That will no longer happen! The first thing is to understand that although you are at home it is important to continue with many routines that you apply when you work outside the home:

Create a separate workspace. . a free room or even a free table, perfect, turn it into your new home office. If you don't have extra space, you just have to create some kind of new productive space. Rearrange your dining table - set it away from the TV, kitchen, and other distractions.

Create a schedule. Coordinate that schedule with your partner, children, or roommates - make sure you are not disturbed during work hours.

Take regular breaks. Surprisingly, we tend to take fewer breaks when working from home.

Incorporate movement into your work. We are used to walking to work, walking around the office, and going out to lunch. Having to stay home all day can be quite exhausting due to your lack of physical activity. So, walk around your apartment (even if it feels weird), open windows for fresh air, and work on your feet whenever possible. Your body will thank you!

Get dressed. Staying in your pajamas all day can be comfortable and practical, but it is known to have a detrimental effect on productivity. By dressing in your normal office outfit, you are signaling to your brain that it is going to work. It is a small step that can make a big difference.

Talk / text / call. Make sure you reach your friends and family with (video) calls or text messages - show them you care and it will work wonders for your mood and motivation!

Create schedules for group and individual meetings: You don't have to be calling everyone all the time. It is important to generate meetings with specific times so that everyone is prepared.

Be very clear about the objectives and indicators: The best way to monitor projects is to define very well how management will be measured. The role of the leader supervising all the time is not possible when you work from home!

Improving communication

Getting your entire team to work from home makes it difficult to get in touch with colleagues. You can't just go and ask if they've finished the project you need. People may not answer emails or even calls. It is much more difficult to track multiple projects without proper communication. Thanks to technology, this does not have to be a problem. Here are some of our favorite tools for remote work!

Manage all your projects with Trello

Trello is a project management platform to help keep track of all your projects, tasks and deadlines. Each project has its own team and a dashboard to see the tasks and how they progress. Deadlines and statuses can be set for each task. The best thing about Trello is customization. It is completely free for up to ten different boards and teams of any size. They also have cost plans if they want more automation and integration features.

Communicate and collaborate with Slack

Slack is a famous collaboration and communication application designed for organizations of all sizes. It is faster, easier and more powerful than sending WhatsApp emails or messages. It can be communicated by direct messages or on channels that are similar to group chats. You can create a channel for each team, project or even a channel for all of them. Slack has many applications to organize meetings, share documents, conduct surveys and much more. It is free for small and medium businesses.

Conduct online meetings with Google Hangout

Google Hangout is a video conferencing application that works very well with meetings of any size. It integrates very easily with Slack so that you can start video calls from your computers that already exist as channels in Slack