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Guía del viajero / Disfruta de Bogotá como todo un local

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Guía del viajero / Disfruta de Bogotá como todo un local

February 07 2020
I will tell you about my journey through Bogotá, a city literally high, 2600 meters closer to the stars, despite the unfounded fears derived from stereotypes that are associated with Colombia, returning to South America was like returning home.
My name is Mark, my nationality is French and my heart Colombian; As soon as I arrived in Bogotá, I realized that I had missed the laughter and the joy of living. The colors, the noise of the streets, and the almojábana ... today I feel more Latin than I thought!
I had always been recommended to Bogotá as a great tourist site, some of the local recommendations, was to stay in the most typical neighborhood of Bogotá; La Candelaria, my budget for this trip was $ 200 dollars and then I tell you about my adventure in Bogotá

La Candelaria covers practically the entire historic quarter of Bogotá. It was founded during the 16th century and incredibly still retains all its colonial charm. The streets were planned in a grid so it is easy to locate. In spite of the 9 million inhabitants that this great city gathers, when you go through the Candelaria you seem to be in some Andalusian village, but much more colorful.

He recommended you the FREE Walking Tour Bogotá, its value ranges over 80 Dollars, it is the most traditional tour in the history of Bogotá, they are perfect for when you travel alone, or in small groups, if you are looking to make new friends along the way, explore the city, meet people from all over the world, or just enjoy learning with our expert guides.

Very close to the candelaria, Approx 2.2 kilometers away, we found the Gold Museum, it was an essential visit and, once again, I had to prove it right. Its entrance costs $ 1 Dollar, This huge 4-storey museum with 34,000 pieces does not disappoint but quite the opposite. It is not only gold that glitters! The exhibition on pre-Columbian stories and culture is very interesting! In addition, pieces like the tiny Muisca raft take us to the fascinating legends about El Dorado.

Another visit I made during my stay in Bogotá was the Fernando Botero Museum, one of the most famous Colombian painters. In this museum, in addition to the 105 works collected by the painter, there are several rooms for young and old. The reason for its rounded figures is explained to us. The Museum is very close to the Candelaria, you can walk there, and its entrance is completely free, keep in mind that they do not open on Tuesdays, Sundays or holidays.

In addition to the more traditional FreeTour of Bogotá, I pointed to one specifically about the city's Streetart. It left me totally fascinated! I had no idea that Bogotá had become the mecca of urban art! Although it is true that since you landed at the El Dorado airport, you are seeing millions of pieces of urban art, I loved this guided tour through the streets of Bogotá.
Proof of how interesting it was, is that; Despite the downpour, none of the fifteen attendees left the tour until it ended, it is essential to be warm and have a good umbrella, either by rain or sun, Bogotá has an absolutely unpredictable climate, unquestionably worth the 90 dollars that the tour costs

Where to sleep in Bogotá ?, There are several strategic points to stay in Bogotá, I personally seek to find a place that allows me to be close to the most relevant tourist sites of a city, I recommend you, without a doubt the Viaggio Apartments & Hotels, a hotel chain located in the most influential areas of Bogotá, near important tourist and commercial sites, I recommend the Viaggio Urbano, a conceptual hotel inspired by Colombian fairs and festivals, you will be fascinated! I also had the opportunity to stay at Viaggio Nueve Trez, the hotel of Colombian literature, the spaces are incredible in addition to knowing a little about the local literature, highly recommended
Colombian cuisine is based on very basic products such as rice and corn. Everywhere it's easy to find arepas stands (you can't miss a cheese arepa! Or natural juices) (smoothies). For the most daring, I recommend trying the paisa tray, a dash full of colors, flavors and textures, if you are not in a good appetite, the Ajiaco Santafereño, a typical Bogotá dish, was recommended
As I told you, forget about Bogotá's bad reputation! It is necessary to take the same care as in any city with possible conflictive places but, for the rest, it seemed to me a safe and absolutely beautiful city, the combination between infrastructure and nature makes Bogotá a unique metropolis in the world. The people are very attentive and friendly, do not be afraid to ask for any indication, Bogotá and its people are a great tourist destination that I will surely visit again
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