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Eco Tourism

August 01 2019
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There is a direct connection between biodiversity and tourism, especially in the large areas of environmental wealth that annually attracts millions of visitors, however, many of the tourism models implemented, have been the cause of the loss and deterioration of vast territories enviéntales, Not only in biodiversity, but also in local cultures and customs.

The world's biodiversity is diminishing due to lack of appreciation, sensitivity and respect for local, environmental and cultural cultures; Factors that point to a lack of Eco-environmental responsibility in responsible tourism by the world's tourist
This footprint is irremediable in its passage through biodiversity, making it a threat to the environmental and cultural riches of the world; Therefore, a series of measures have been implemented that seek to protect these resources and at the same time achieve a responsible, conscious and low impact visitor behavior, in order to generate a sustainable visit.

We are aware that tourism will never be totally green or socially responsible completely, since each tourist, to a certain extent, negatively affects the environment. For this reason sustainable and responsible programs are needed more than ever, if we want to maintain the natural, cultural and social environment of people and places.

On the road to sustainable tourism, there are real examples of Eco-tourism, experiences and initiatives that make a difference. We can all contribute and generate responsible tourism, replicating some of the following models and behaviors in our lives and visits.

Before leaving; Find as much information as possible about the country you are visiting, as long as you can choose tour operators, airlines and hotels committed to the environment and local communities.

- Know the rules of the place, refrain from creating conflict, everything is part of the new experiences and customs of the trip

- Support cultural events and local crafts, not only improve the economy of the local population working in the sector, but the
memories will be more authentic. You need to be informed about the practice of bargaining, as it can generate conflict with
the local population.

- Try to adapt to local customs and practices, without imposing your habits and lifestyles. Looking for a way to diminish your
footprint for the place, always having a socio-environmental responsibility

- On the way leaves only the footprints and no other brands, keep in mind to leave no waste for your visit.

- Close the tap, turn off the air conditioning and lights when you leave the accommodation, disconnect the charger from the
charging switch, natural resources are essential and are present in a responsible tourism and it is up to you that your
footprint is irremediable or responsible for your visit.

The choice is yours; Adopt models that ensure sustainability in your visit, or create an irremediable footprint in biodiversity being the author responsible for the damage and deterioration of the sociocultural spaces of humanity.