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Bogotá Business

February 11 2020
Bogotá Business; Opens its doors to trade, is projected as one of the fastest growing cities in Latin America, with a market of more than eight million strong people, backed by a robust and diversified economy, Bogotá, is a key city for commercial development in Latin America.

Similarly, Bogotá stands out for having the main factors regarding foreign investment, macroeconomic and regulatory stability, tax conditions and the viability in the articulation of global value chains, encouraging its reputation as an investment destination in the region.

Local and foreign companies are looking for places that offer them greater benefits for their commercial developments, such as easy access, proximity to customers and suppliers, banks, business centers, restaurants, communication facilities, good atmosphere, cleanliness and excellent services ... Among other benefits that make Viaggio Apartments and Hotels, an important business reference, preferring us for our location, location and high services in Bogotá.


Therefore, spaces have emerged in Bogotá such as Zone T, in El Retiro, whose activity and refined taste have placed it on the cusp of the preferences of national and foreign executives. They find there the ideal places for the business meeting, the atmosphere conducive to the conversation and the rest of the daily stress.
Viaggio Nueve Trez , the hotel of literature, will allow access to the most influential areas north of Bogotá, a Business category hotel that will allow an environment suitable for the needs of our most demanding guests. whose activity, color and variety have impacted our own and strangers, attracted by the location, comfort and hospitality provided by our collaborators.


In addition to Zone T, a traditional neighborhood to the north of the city, Usaquén, the Barrio Chico, stands out for its wide commercial and business movement, with large buildings focused on businesses that combine with the coarse skies of the place, formed by the Santa Bárbara Business Center, of which important national and foreign companies that contribute to the growth of Bogotá are part.
Viaggio Teleport, the biodiversity hotel, mixes the perfect balance between business and comfort, is one of the favorite properties of our foreign clients who exclusively come for business purposes to Usaquén; they are delighted with the place, thanks to their safety , excellent location, the variety of cuisine present in the sector and the nature that welcomes and surrounds the place.

Av. Chile / CALLE 72

Now, we find Chile Avenue, This is one of the most emblematic business and financial centers of Bogotá and revolves around Chile Avenue, or 72nd Avenue, a road that runs through the city from east to west in its north zone, and constituted as the axis of the financial district of the Colombian capital.
It has become an important reference of the city and an interesting urban attraction for its avant-garde and cosmopolitan approach. Next to large financial corporations, there are important universities, hotels, galleries, churches, cultural centers, theaters and cultural, gastronomic and artistic establishments.
Viaggio Country, Located in a commercial and entertainment area, next to prominent shopping centers such as Andino, El Retiro and Atlantis Plaza. In addition, it is very close to gourmet restaurants and good pubs. The 14 apartments of Viaggio Country are an excellent option for executives who need to stay for a while in the city, businessmen and groups of young tourists. If you are looking for a place to stay north of Bogotá, well located and modern, the City Apartments Viaggio Country are your place.

The heart of Bogotá / CENTRO

However, the heart of Bogotá has been one of the most traditional urban and commercial areas of the sector, the center of Bogotá, for many years it was the first financial sector of the capital, where important businesses were historically constituted.
Today, given the new emergence of the center of Bogotá, the works that have been constituted in the heart of the capital, allowing a commercial flow and exchange of cultures, making the heart of Bogotá, a strategic area, where institutions such as institutions such as the Tequendama International Center, the Colpatria tower, the International Shopping Center, among others
Nearby, is the Viaggio Urbano, hospitality combines with the tradition and folklore of the fairs and festivals of Colombia, a concept that has been implemented by the Viaggio Urbano Hotel, where its rooms are the reflection of the happiness and comfort offered by the fairs and Colombian festivals, although joy and color are the stars of the hotel, not everything is about it, its cuisine delights any of its guests, exposing typical flavors of its regions, captivating all kinds of taste and taste, Viaggio urbano, Una unforgetable experience

Bogotá, the highest economic growth city in the sector, the Athens of Latin America invites you to live a formidable experience, with the help of Viaggio Apartments & Hotels.