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Hotel of Literature in Bogota

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Hotel of Literature in Bogota

May 14 2019
The Literary Hotel

Prose has become the language of Colombian writers, an important cultural reference, literary structures that evoke the infinite imagination of the verb, accompanied by fantastic stories that enchant its readers.

Viaggio Nueve Trez, has become an important reference in Colombian literature, Literary Concept Hotel, which seeks to invite its guests to live a literary experience with the most exciting and profound stories of Colombian writing, its decoration pays homage to the leading writers of the country with a world-wide recognition that reinforce the concept of Hotel Viaggio Nueve Trez, turning it into important Hotel reference of the Colombian verb and prose, enveloping its guests between stories and letters with a peaceful and relaxing design.

Creativity has become a strategic alid in the lines of our writers, innovating in the different literary categories where world-renowned writers are protagonists; That they have made the word, the most precious tool of a writer. The strength and musicality of Spanish is proof of its vitality and its belonging as one of the most important languages ​​of the planet, language is culture and Spanish defines who we are.

A good book will always make you a good company, and Viaggio Nueve Trez knows it, because of that; He has placed himself in the task of promoting Colombian reading in the hands of the best writers of traditional literature, inviting interaction with magic and prose, combined with hospitality, comfort and design that provides the experience of exchanging books and stories, stories that are told from our rooms.