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Viaggio Apartaments & Hotels’s About us

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Our business vision:
Contribute towards making the world a happier place

How are we achieving our vision?
• Creating trustworthy and stable jobs, which revolve around families, dreams and fulfillment
• Creating flexible and transparent processes led by the best professionals in the service industry
• Creating positive and unforgettable experiences for our guests and clients.
• Creating processes to reduce our impact on the environment
• Creating innovative, reliable and sustainable architectural and hotel projects
• Creating successful business cycles for our investors and board of directors.
• Creating rooms and spaces that continue and contribute to the architectural heritage of our cities.
• Creating resources for our local and national government, with the result being to provide the local people with new services.
• Creating a 24-hour per day service!

Smart travel? VIAGGIO
Why is it smart?

• More space and comforts in classic hotel rooms, suites and one- and two-bedroom apartments
• To be closer when you are away: choose between our very strategic locations in Bogotá and Medellín.
• Buildings designed to tell a story - literature, cartoons, Colombian parties, the Antioquia history and biodiversity all of which inspired our themed decor
• Customized products and services
• High-speed Wi-Fi connection
• 24-hour Guest Application service
• Concierge service
• Housekeeping service
• A fresh and healthy gastronomic experience with touches of Italian and new Latin-American cuisine in our Mattino, Artigiano and Café de la Trova restaurants.

Smart travelling is about comfort, a practical and comfortable lifestyle, without forgetting the style. We also offer co-working areas, small meeting rooms and a personalized service for your events.

Enjoy stylish environments that combine aesthetics with functionality. On your trip it is important to remember that “surrounding yourselves with the things that we love, makes us happy.”


• At VIAGGIO, we donate an egg for every egg that we use on our premises. In that way each egg becomes as valuable as gold for many children who do not have enough food in their school backpacks.
• Change of linen is only done at the request of our guests.
• We promote the use of non-plastic containers, we do not use straws, nor plastics cups, nor polystyrene in our packaging.
• We do not promote the use of single use plastics

Our brand pillars:

• Honesty in negotiation
• Respectful yet strict on agreements
• We seek not to divide but to bring people together
• We seek agreements where both parties win, not just the client or the company
• We seek to reduce our impact on the environment
• We seek to promote the true Colombian essence through art, design, culture and cuisine.